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Optimal Health Clinic
Offering Both Male & Female Replacement Therapy.

At Arizona Testosterone, you don’t even need to come into the clinic! Most of our patients choose to do treatment from the comfort of their own home! We start with a test to see where your levels are & then drop ship your medications directly to your home or office in discreet packaging.

Get Tested Today For Just $99

Programs Start As Low As $189 Per Month!


There Is Help! Let’s Get You Feeling Your Best!

At Arizona Testosterone We Test Not Guess…

Hormone Replacement Therapy


Arizona Testosterone has implemented amazing hormone replacement protocols for women. Women dealing with hormone deficiencies struggle in areas of weight loss, energy, focus and motivation, clarity and memory, sexual dysfunction and loss of libido. We understand the matrix of female hormones and know exactly how to treat women to get them back to their old self again fast.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Testosterone Replacement Therapy is changing men’s lives like never before. With advancements in treatments, training, medications and more, this therapy has been a real game changer for men who need it. It is incredibly fast, easy and inexpensive to get qualified. Call us to learn why we are considered the best Low T Clinic around. Conveniently no office visits are required! We know how to treat men to get them back to their old self again fast.

Peptide Therapy


Peptide Therapy has evolved tremendously over the last few years. Learn all about the new HGH, Healing, Sexual, Cognitive and Sleeping Peptides that have revolutionized the health and fitness industry by offering similar results to HGH with very minimal side effects and for a fraction of the cost. These peptides are extremely safe and effective for both men and women!

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